Handbook for Preclears is the legendary self-processing manual that marks the transition from the subject of Dianetics to Scientology. Here are the breakthroughs that revealed the phenomenon of the LIFE CONTINUUM—a mechanism by which every individual takes on the disabilities of the deceased or departed, until they are no longer living their own life. Here, then, are the answers to getting rid of all those parts of “you” that aren’t really YOU. The book includes:

  • Expansive essays providing the most complete description of The Ideal State of Man
  • The Goals of Man, and why his survival depends upon the conquest of the physical universe
  • The Human Mind, how it operates and its underlying purpose
  • The Control Center, the “awareness of awareness” unit of the mind, and how it is CAUSE of the body and environment
  • The Hubbard Chart of Attitudes, a milestone breakthrough that complements the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation, which explains one’s reactions to life
  • The Fifteen Acts of self-processing that move an individual from EFFECT to CAUSE—processes so powerful that this book is now known as the book of miracles
  • And, the Definitions, Logics and Axioms providing the very basis of the study of knowledge and the underlying truths of what life itself is doing

In self-processing, “Handbook for Preclears” is used in conjunction with “Self Analysis.”

Format: Workbook
Pages: 432


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